Dreem is a team of 90 experts with mission to beat insomnia and build the sleep medicine of tomorrow.

In the 5 years since Dreem’s creation, we’ve collected 1M nights of sleep data and helped thousands of people improve their sleep.  We also accumulated 25 patents and completed 3 full hardware iterations and 100s of software iterations. Along the way we created a research network of 25 leading laboratories and hospitals and a scientific board of 4 of the most renowned neuroscientists and sleep experts in the world.

Les valeurs de l'entreprise

1#Connect deeply & care personally

2#No Bullshit ever

3#Be distinctive, look for singularity, 4#Find the smartest, fastest route

Le mot du fondateur

"We are builing innovative sleep solutions bringing real positive change to the hundreds of million people who can not sleep around the world" Hugo Mercier, CEO @Dreem